Paracord Bracelets

~ Please read through for details ~

Bracelets are something I love creating, but they're made-to-fit, one size does NOT fit all... Which means, when I make them, they are measured to fit YOUR wrist. Now how do I take something that's custom ordered to size, and make it readily available?

Here's what I've come up with....

I'm listing a few straight forward designs to chose from, all made using the same spring loaded metal buckle. But, I'll need you to add some details to your order in the 'Special Instructions' box.

** Added details include, color options and accurate sizing. Hogwarts House colors now available!!

** ALL of these designs are also available in micro cord sizes. Perfect for smaller wrists or layering designs. I use a 3/8" metal buckle in Gunmetal black for the smaller designs.


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Regular price $25.00 Sold Out