Paracord Mini Survival Kit

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There’s a lot going on with these paracord kits, so buckle up!

** Limited Supply**

Each clip is made with; a heavy duty 1.5” snap hook clip (250lb working weight) and American made 620lb tensil strength paracord. You get 20 feet of this cord incorporated in the clip. The cord itself has within it; a 25lb mono filament fishing line, 30 awg multi-purpose utility wire, and waterproof fire-starter twine on top of the 7 internal strands of cord. (check out the picture for detail)
Wrapped-up inside the clip is, 5x SZ4 fishing hooks and 5x reusable lead weights. They’re sealed in a waterproof bag and wrapped in silver tape(for added fire starting material). 
And lastly, is the ferro rod and striker. The striker can be removed seperatly without undoing the rest of the clip.

Attach the clip to any bag, pack, or vest. And head outside!