New Creative Focus

Posted by Tara Laidlaw on

Through the last year, I've been trying to decide on a more focused creative direction for my site. I love creating and designing, learning to use different materials and tools in my creative process. I'm not a fan of being limited to one style or medium. And that's where paracord came in...

Not only is it a survival tool, but it's a useful everyday item, and is decorative as well. And, you can combine it with other materials, it's extremely versatile! I can't stop finding ways to use it, knots to make, weaves to create and color combos to mix up! The customizable feature of paracord makes it easy to create something as unique as you are. And that's what you're going to see.

I'll be creating more items and accessories made from paracord and other high quality materials. But I'll always be looking for the opportunity to provide you with your own unique/custom accessory. If you love anything I've made but want to add your own twist to it, or want to challenge me to make something new, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to create it for you!


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